Chapel online

Stuff can be just as real online for people as it can be offline, and we want to learn better how to do this. It might suit you to get involved this way. We'd love you to join in and help us make it work!


The Bible is still the world's best selling book - by a very large margin! But it is also possibly one of the least understood!

How can we read this complex book in a way that makes sense for the complicated lives we lead in a world of difficult choices?

living better lives

We believe that the power of Christianity isn't really about a "next" life, but about THIS one and how we live THIS life.

It's more than self-improvement, it's about living a Christ-like life, which is a life that is extraordinarily generous.

making a difference

We believe that Christianity is not just about living our own lives, but also about living our lives in such a way that communities around us flourish.

We want Kingsteignton to be a better place to live because we are here.

supporting one another

We all fail at this stuff - more often than we succeed! That's why we need each other. A single coal removed from a fire, quickly loses its glow.

We try to be a supportive community where we can be honest about our lives and gentle with one another.