Phil’s Top Five Easter Day Tunes

As I did a Top Five for Good Friday – I thought I should also do one for Easter Day lest I be thought of as a predominantly morbid soul!  (I am!)

Truth is – I do prefer mournful music – but that doesn’t mean that I can’t tolerate a bit of joyousness on occasion – and what better day for that than Easter Day?

The “joy” of Easter Day is a deep, lasting, eternal joy – and I suspect this is harder for musicians to capture.

I have included pieces that I find are just infused with irresistible, infectious JOY and are also specifically inspired by the resurrection. (and I may have cheated!)

Here we go!

1. The Oscar Peterson Trio: “He is Risen” (from Peterson’s “Easter Suite”)

Oh Yes! No words needed!

2. Handel: “I know that My Redeemer Liveth” (from the Messiah)

Good old Kiri te Kanawa! She needs no introduction.

3. J.M.C Crum’s “Now the Green Blade Riseth”

Love is come again, like wheat that springeth green.

4. Prince (artist formerly known as!): “The Cross”

Possibly should be on Good Friday but it’s too loud for most contexts! So it’s here, sue me!

We all have our problems Some big, some are small Soon all of our problems Will be taken by the cross.

Still one more to go?? Strewth, this is hard! 🙂 5. (Traditional) “This Morning When I Rose”

Sing it sister!

If this isn’t about Easter Day – then it should be! 🙂

OK – can I get back to my mournful sings now?  🙂

#Easter #Musicalthought

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