Wearing that mask

I don't know if you have yet got used to putting a mask on for routine activities like shopping or paying for petrol at a garage. I still get caught out and have to do the walk of shame out of the shop door and back to my car to retrieve one from the glove compartment!

There has been disagreement about masks and their effectiveness, but the science seems to be in some kind of broad agreement that at least they lessen the possibility of the person wearing mask spreading virus-laden droplets if they happen to have Covid19 yet are unaware of it (asymptomatic).

I am still amused at the irony of Boris Johnson ordering us to wear face coverings after his notorious comments about Muslim women wearing face coverings!

In one sense we ALL wear masks - pretty much all of the time. I present a different "me" to different audiences, some features of my life masked, or covered up, and others made more prominent. It's not a bad thing! There are very few people (if any) where we can be totally and completely UNmasked and show our full and complete selves with raw honesty about everything we think and feel. Foolishly we even try to mask ourselves to God, even if we know that it is futile. In God's presence, nothing is hidden (which is perhaps why God can feel so scary!) George Orwell's novel "1984" featured the dystopian iamagined future where "Big Brother" saw everything that you did - and it was terrifying and oppressive.

But my experience of God is that God knowing everything about me and God being such an unimaginably immense presence does the opposite. God does not seem interested at all in humiliating me or making me feel small, God only seems interested in lifting me up and dusting me down and offering me another chance to get it right, day after day after day.

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