What language the creator speaks…

Today we give space for the fabulous Brian McClaren whose spirituality is infused and energised by the awesome splendour of God’s creative splendour.  It is clear from his writing that he really feels the joy and wonder of the whole created order and a keen excitement that he is part of it!  I feel the creative force of God, therefore I AM!

If you ask what language the creator speaks, the best answer is this:

God’s first language is full spectrum light,

clear water, deep sky, red squirrel,

blue whale, grey parrot, green lizard,

golden aspen, orange mango, yellow warbler,

laughing child, rolling river, serene forest,

churning storm, spinning planet.

A psalmist said the same thing in another way:

The universe is God’s work of art, God’s handiwork.

All created things speak or sing of the God who made them.

If you want to know what the original artist is like,

a smart place to start would be to enjoy the art of creation.

(Brian D McClaren: “Seeking Aliveness“)

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